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We love being able to discover new sounds from artists all over the world. We broadcast radio-shows in digestible formats. Below, you will find technical details of how we like programs.

everything has its time

Programs (1) or podcasts (2) broadcast on LaRadio last 58 or 116 minutes. We used 2 minutes to identify ourselves, news and even announce the programs in rotation.

If you consider, you can also send us your 30 second short film that we will use in spaces dedicated to promoting our own collaborating artists.

The provided jingles should be used to identify LaRadio soundly during your program or podcast. The use of them is 6 per hour, or 1 jingle every 10 minutes. You will find all these files and more in this LINK.

the importance of the sounds

We present sounds so that our listeners enjoy being part of them. Those who listen to us find artists in direct contact with sounds. We are voices that accompany sounds. We differentiate by speaking directly to our listeners in our programs and podcasts, letting them know who we are, who they are listening to and how they can interact with us.


  • Program duration – podcast: 58 or 116 minutes. (1)(2)
  • Voice presentation in native language: 30 seconds.
  • Format: MP3 (min. 256 kbps)
  • Programs and podcasts must be identified every 10 minutes with the artwork we provide (Link)
  • Photographs of the artist and the program.

You can send us your files through WeTransfer to

our listeners enjoy

We broadcast artists that please our audience, that are part of an endless eclectic universe. We share the experience with our followers in social networks. Always. We tag, post and spread in all possible formats. We love to do that. We appreciate you sharing the material once it is published.

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