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#livestreaming y recaudación de fondos para Cruz Roja. Mayo 22 y 23. Musicón. Agendado!

La cuarta entrega de #WeAreEquals in da house reflexiona sobre el mundo post COVID-19 en la industria musical

La noche berlinesa se digitaliza. No mas más colas! Olvidate de lo que vas a ponerte y directamente entra en Tresor, Kater Blau, Pornceptual, Feel y Griessmuehle…

Manu born in a little town in the south of Spain call Algeciras where electronic & dance music does not have a place to regularly rave or share his music interest, he meet this form of expression throughout his brother who involved him in different genres, at his early age he was considered a weird [...]
Jose Mata (Onoffon)  put their energies together to make some stuff and show to everyone their interpretation about techno, house, dub. Code Deploy is the result of different ways of seeing the music where both producers show their music influences through the years.  CODE DEPLOY ( BUDARE / RED58club )
Gabriele Simonetti alias Ambigual, is an italian deejay and music producer based in Barcelona. He has been living in Spain since 2008 and has spent 16 years sharing the best of himself and his music. Ambigual is very versatile and his style comes from a vinyl background between digital and classic deejaying which shows an [...]
Crecido en la provincia de Milan, a los 16 años se dedica al arte del Turntablism; una pasión a la que se dedicó cada día y que lo llevó en buscar vinilos de cualquier genero, en cualquier lugar. Así descubrió el Soul, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Dub, los grooves latinos y africanos, la musica Disco [...]
It is possible to understand the level of creativity that Niff possesses. A lover of the piano, while finding inspiration from all types of electronic music genres such as techno, deep house, UK garage, trip hop and ambient, Niff combines these elements into his eclectic sets. He pleasantly surprises dances and music aficionados with his [...]
Born in Barcelona, influenced by blues, rock 'n' roll, and jazz mostly. After discovering electronic music, Kendra got rapidly trapped by house, micro- house and minimal low frequency sounds. Perlon is her number one reference. Member of the What.if crew, a Barcelona based only vinyl record label.
Stina Francina is a musically versatile Swedish producer and DJ from Gothenburg who found her love and passion for music in general and electronic music in particular early on, starting by the piano and eventually moving on to the DJ booth. She played in bands and with different jazz singers before becoming absorbed by the [...]

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