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After a brief tour of Europe in 2015, seeing her play the likes of Sankeys, Eden, Checkpoint and Sonar, Australian DJ and producer Lola Heart packed her bags to relocate to the techno hub of Europe, Spain.  Her first EP ‘Ghetto Baby’ perched firmly in the ARIA charts sent this bass driven vixen around Australia [...]
Manu born in a little town in the south of Spain call Algeciras where electronic & dance music does not have a place to regularly rave or share his music interest, he meet this form of expression throughout his brother who involved him in different genres, at his early age he was considered a weird [...]
La Radio  sigue con La Gira. desde Ozz Barcelona  al Mundo. de 18h a 22h. Arte, Sangría, Música y mucho Color. VIERNES 26 DE MAYO Somos Nosotros Artistas invitados: Héloïse MoonDancin  y Youl Dirlès  a.k.a. Vinyl Diggers Bululú Borneo Modofoker Adhieren: 19:28 Tattoo Parlour Barcelona Muichuchus "La Sueca" Sangría by Democratic Wines Jägermeister Arte [...]
Series of themed shows based on solely music that was created or influenced by american musicians and song writers during the first 50 years of recorded music. Genres including Country, Blues, Rock 'n' Roll, Jazz, Soul, R'n'B, Reggae and many more to be explored.  Hosted by Tom Savage (AKA Sleepy Tod), this show is a [...]
 Fernando Cappelletti, mayormente conocido como CAPE, a mediados de los ´90 descubrió la música Techno y House de Chicago y Detroit que produjo un profundo impacto en él. Inmediatamente se identificó con el sonido y se despertó en él un profundo sentimiento por la música Underground. Paralelamente, desarrolló un gran aprecio por el rock mientras [...]
Today "la Radio" will be presenting a show featuring MŪSE opening party with their residents, Caruan, Tres Manos.   CARUAN: Over 20 years of dj-ing and passion for music, from Old school origins in constant evolution and research of sound never predictable, THESE are the main features of his Musical roots, love for vinyl and [...]
Jose Mata (Onoffon)  put their energies together to make some stuff and show to everyone their interpretation about techno, house, dub. Code Deploy is the result of different ways of seeing the music where both producers show their music influences through the years.  CODE DEPLOY ( BUDARE / RED58club )
Tendencies are temporary, only the present permits Denizer to connect with his actual self.  In 2007 he left his natal Peru, took the challenge and moved to Europe in order to evolve as an artist, experiment the exigeant audience and get closer to the european music culture. An open mind has always been the key [...]
De Napoles a Barcelona y desde Barcelona al Mundo. Live streaming a las 18h (CET)
Gabriele Simonetti alias Ambigual, is an italian deejay and music producer based in Barcelona. He has been living in Spain since 2008 and has spent 16 years sharing the best of himself and his music. Ambigual is very versatile and his style comes from a vinyl background between digital and classic deejaying which shows an [...]

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