La Radio was established in Barcelona at the beginning of 2016 as a platform to bring together, connect and promote different artists from a wide range of stylistic and cultural backgrounds.

Our unique perspective of the current creative scene allow us to create an eclectic world with a wide variety of musical talent, a digital art gallery and a reflection of what is happening in both local and international spheres.

Being an online radio station allow us great freedom when it comes to moving around and transmitting from any location, for that reason, we aim to cover a variety of different and interesting events for the benefit of our listeners and the public in general. 

After just one year in existence, due great culture demand, La Radio opened its counterpart in Buenos Aires, Argentina, another step towards our goal of creating an international collective.  

In this constant search to expand our borders and meet new expressions, we want to invite you to actively participate in La Radio. Our special section ARTE, ARTE, ARTE focuses on finding and discovering new talents to share their vision. For this reason we would like to get in touch with you to know your work and to share it with all our listeners. We are convinced that all artists have something unique to say and it is in the essence of La Radio that everyone is heard.

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