Scene Diaries: 90’s Jungle!

Escrito por el 27 agosto, 2020

I have managed to gather my favorite tracks from the wonderful Ambient Jungle music that was produced in the 90s and I have put it together with some new producers who still follow in the mood of that time.
The fusion between those chill pads, the accelerated funk drums with those deep basses and above all, that positive attitude!!, I fell in love instantly. I really believed it was the most modern music I had ever heard. What a great memories, I hope the jungle scene rises from its ashes!

Mixed by Lamatrois (Evel Records)

Tracklist: 01 Wax Doctor – Offshore Drift | 02 Mystic Moods – Music Is The Basis Of All Life (Concept3) | 03 The Sentinel – Dig Deeper | 04 Jonny L – Underwater Communication | 05 Carlos Niño – DeEP, DeEP Breaths | 06 Coco Bryce – Twenty Shot Sequence | 07 Dillinja & Mystery – Deep Love | 08 Voyager -_Desire (Dave Wallace Remix) | 09 Ryan J Raffa – Occupations, Leaving | 10 Omni Trio – Sanctuary | 11 Photek – Rings Around Saturn | 12 Coco Bryce – Spirit Quest | 13 Andy C And Shimon – quest | 14 Danny Breaks – For The Thinking Positive Crew | 15 Nautilus – Small Adventures

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