Arte Arte Arte #71: Max On Duty

Escrito por el 18 marzo, 2020

Nuestro artista del mes, Max On Duty desde Istanbul al Mundo con todo su Arte Arte Arte

@maxonduty: Street artist illustrator based in Istanbul.

– How do you feel being an artist today?
– It’s an amazing time to be able to reach all kinds of new and old art pieces and information in the world, trying to put forth something new, powerful and surprising in this whole variety and diversity. Even though, there is a lot of pollution of imagery and information sometimes, I feel curious and full of discovery.

– We believe in dissidence like a positive way of talking about counterculture. Do you feel like a dissident artist? Why?
– I started out this art form doing graffiti on the streets and since then I kept at it because I feel I can express myself better this way, I have more freedom on the street. Graffiti started out as an illegal activity; as an artform, it is dissident by it’s nature.

– What can’t be missing from your desk?
– Naturally, I always have my pens and a lot of paper around but the most important thing on my desk would, of course, be my precious Japanese Umbrella Palm plant.

– Which artist would you like to invite for a drink?
– It wouldn’t be bad to kick back a couple drinks with Jean Giraud Moebius.

– An important memory?
– Last year, I was in Lisbon with my friend and a gifted artist Arlin Graff, doing a mural and on one of the last days, we left the wall to look at it from a distance and crossed the large street in front of our work site. When we came back, good people of Lisbon from the neighborhood had left some fruits and snacks for us on the crane without us seeing them. It was a very welcoming and completely anonymous gesture which stayed with me, still.

– A record that cannot miss in your house?
– Luke Vibert and BJ Cole – Stop the panic Here is a a video:

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