Arte Arte Arte #69: Cacao Rocks

Escrito por el 21 enero, 2020

Dame Letra Cacao Rocks (a.k.a. IASON)

– How do you feel being an artist today?
– Being an artist its a blessing and a curse at the same time. I am happy that i have a free schedule but i end up working all the time. I`m happy about it, but sometimes i forgot how real life is and i see colors and canvases even in my dreams.

2 – Do you feel like a dissident artist? Why?
– Not anymore. I`m trying to find peace.

3 – What can’t be missing from your desk?
– Coffee, computer, instant photos, sketchbook, invoices. This is what i see now and almost everyday

4 – Which artist would you like to invite for a drink?
– David Hockney, i know some bars in Athens that people still smoke inside. I`ve heard he moved to France so he can smoke and eat in the same time.

5 – An important memory?
– Giannis Antetokounmpo playing basketball at the court i painted last summer.

6 – A record that cannot miss in your house?
– The Big Blue/Le grand Bleu soundtrack that Eric Serra made for Luc Besson`s movie.

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