Arte Arte Arte #68: Pierre Horn

Escrito por el 9 enero, 2020

Dame Letra Pierre Horn:

1 – How do you feel being an artist today?

What I find exciting is that the present time offers many different, almost too many possibilities for an artist to try out or apply his art in different media. The inter-connectivity between genres and art forms as well as artists all over the world is very intriguing.

2 – Do you feel like a dissident artist? Why?

Not on a political level, but on an artistic one – I always try to work against my intuition to create something beautiful and readable. Not to follow a certain concept can be freeing and creates a balance to the commercial work we do as a collective, although i enjoy this work very much. But in my own work, I love not being exposed to any evaluation or judgement at first and simply create a collection of diverse alienation processes that lead nowhere.

3 – What can’t be missing from your desk?

On the writers desktop a foreign dictionary and dictionary of the origin can’t be missed and on the visual art desktop should be good headphones and external devices to modulate visual content more precisely, as well as a black pen and paper, of course.

4 – Which artist would you like to invite for a drink?

Cyprien Gaillard

5 – An important memory?

Three years ago I ended up in a small place in Brandenburg called Rheinsberg, where I was staying at a very tiny bungalow at the periphery of the city. Nothing much to do or to see; just enjoying the landscape, the big lake and the vastness. The bungalow had a rudimentary TV set, but the signal between receiver and the display had a loose connection which lead to all kind of visual glitches, so I was photographing the display like a madman and used the material to experiment. I tried to figure out a way to alienate the material step by step and through all sorts of programs that I was familiar with or starting to get into. Since then, whenever I find the time, I continue this visual research that mostly leads to nothing and means nothing, but sometimes this work also gives rise to ideas that can serve as a basis for a photographic project or video work.

6 – A record that cannot miss in your house?

Talking Heads – Remain in Light

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