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Chiamonwu Joy was born on the 1st of December, 1995 in Nigeria. She is a native of Anambra state of the Igbo speaking tribe. A student of Nnamdi Azikiwe university, Anambra state, studying English Education.

She embraced her passion for Art at the age of 8 when she began to draw cartoons on her sketch books and for her elementary school friends, out of sheer passion.

in 2006- 2012 , She attended Saint John’s college in Maiduguri where she grew up to be a very ambitious and talented teenager who in spite of not having an Art Teacher, took the bold step of being the only student in her academic year who partook in the  Fine and Applied Art in the West Africa Examination Council, a final year examination for the senior year students of West Africa.

Joy realised her intense interest in Hyperrealism in 2014, a contemporary genre in Art. Joy specialises in the use of Charcoal Pencils on Paper as her medium of creating artworks she feels strongly for — a kind of an emotional, spiritual and psychological connection and relationship that exist between her and her artworks.

Through constant practice, perseverance and determination,  Joy has mastered the art of extensive detailing.

Chiamonwu Joy’s attraction to the ancient symbols and cultural ethics of the African people can be seen and felt by all and sundry as her artworks mainly focus on exploring and immortalizing the rich symbols, cultural values and traditions of the African people.  

» I do not draw to attain the highest level of perfection but I draw to satisfy my insatiable lust for creativity. Every shade of charcoal I leave on my paper feels like love making. And I am yet to reach its  climax, my climax.

My inspiration comes from the source of life, my environment and nature’s four elements ( Fire, Earth, Air, and Water).

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