Escrito por el 18 julio, 2018

Lazy Bra is an artist from the North. Born in turbulent times right when USSR turned to shit, he grew up in independent Latvia, dragging through Art College only to end up spending a decade working as an art director in ad agencies by day and lousy street artist by night. He is one of the founders of the first major illustration magazine “Popper magazine” in Baltic states which promotes local zine scene. He is also a creator of local street-art battle series “Draworgy”. Recently grew enough hair on his balls to go on as a freelance illustrator. His unique style is characterized by total lack of style – haven’t decided the direction this whole mess is going, he works as illustrator with clothing and sport brands, experiments with sculpture, wood carving,
DIY printing, tattoo and animation.

#CharmingLooser #CartoonNetworkErotica #LazyWorkoholic #GentilmenWanko #ContemporaryDump #EgoDeath #NoCtrlZ #EverythingIsAwesome

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