Escrito por el 4 junio, 2018

Pinar&Viola are artists, digital artists. Possessed by visuals. They thrive in understanding the human condition and translate it as prints, patterns, videos, holograms, experiences which idealize new ways of being more healthy, constructive, inclusive and peaceful. 

They, mix, mingle and reinvent new images, icons, idols, sensations images which set the fashion of today’s visuals. The artist duo regularly launches collections about the future of pattens and visuals, the way fashion designers do with clothing. Meanwhile they do surprising collaboration and make custom tailored visual extravaganzas for world leading brands like Google, IKEA, MTV, Nike and Adidas.

As Pınar&Viola, they have a fantasy. They imagine a future fuelled by social transformation, where people think critically and are able to make ethical choices in all areas of life. They fantasise of the day where we all recognise that everything is interconnected. We lead our actions not through power and ego, but we treat our fellow humans and nature as respectful as we treat our closest friends. They imagine a future where, the more we will be driven by technology, the more we strive for knowledge and for the recognition of the sacredness of nature. They imagine a future where we choose wisdom over given information, community over consumerism, and deeper healing over false advertising. They imagine a future where instead of quantity, we choose quality, resulting in sustainability.

And they would like to make this fantasy through the tools that they master. The image.

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