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SSCCHHNN is an Argentine digital artist living in Sweden.

Former student of Psichology, he turned his attention to visual arts and the development of digital environments, seeking to communicate the relation between humans and their technologies. Being self-taught on digital platforms to communicate tacit scenarios, he proves the need to restructure academic schedules and the need to include DIY as life’s philosophy.

It is easy to see in his works the millennial footprint, exploring ego, video-games, human relationships, government manipulation, A.C.A.B., pleasure, fetish, etc. He is part of Diffuse Reality, record label and artistic group. He deeply thanks Clandestina Weekend Nerd and their manifest.

Currently, he gives the finishing touches to a project/short film that explores the socio-anthropological thesis about the contemporaneity of afective relations within the digital medium. Based on “Lévi-Strauss: – Antropología estructural”.

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