Escrito por el 2 abril, 2018

FILL is an Italian illustrator. Reworks collective imagination surround us. He make people feel good vibes and dope reactions. A paranoid guy for pop surrealism, metaphysics and the ’90s. 

Born in Naples in 1985, where he studied Fashion Design, but soon focused his career on graphics and currently works in the field of fashion as a Graphic Designer.

The «LOOP» in music is the technique in which sampled sound elements (real or synthesize) are reproduced repeatedly and aggregated together to create new penetrating and obsessive sounds. There are examples of more or less creative interpretation of the loop, repetition has played a central role from the point of view of transmission, dissemination and artistic experimentation.

The loop becomes visual. Impossible figures, optical illusions, patterns, perspectives: everything contributes to the creation of loops.

The loop therefore identifies itself as a closed event in which there are no start or end points but where a set of points concur that can be taken indistinctly as departure or arrival. After recording a sound, the musician repeats it continuously, just as an illustrator does with elements until he presses the stop button of his imagination. Sample an image and record its track from beginning to end.

But what happens when you feel you are in front of a loop? You wonder, you are fascinated and captured, you enter a state of extinction (partial) of the rational brain, you let yourself be transported. Its strength lies also in the multiple changes of the narrator / illustrator. The loop then becomes the key necessary to get to catch the full sense of the message.

LOOP is a collection made for HQ Barcelona and will be shown this next April 6th from 19:00 hr at HQ ART. More info: HERE

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