Escrito por el 26 febrero, 2018

Two Senses is a new Audiovisual Project made by Jota Scarcella (Visuals) and Felice Sorrentino (Music.)

The visual concept begins with a chosen theme based on the curiosity of the world around us. All concepts, such as movement, speed, chemistry, physics, nature and geometry are what govern us when creating through digital and analog.
All these variants are the engine of our sensory vision.The visuals and the music are constantly fed back so that there is a harmony between the sight and the auditory.

 Felice Sorrentino

Felice Sorrentino

 Jota Scarcella

Jota Scarcella

For each work done we choose an organic concept and transform it into an abstract / geometric one. It is generating a metamorphosis in which gives life to the work.
Our works are interpretations that in our way of seeing are in our reality and are changing without us noticing.

They organize different types of shows that will be projected in different places very soon. 

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