HOY a las 18h (CET): Lanzamiento de MŪSE junto a sus residentes Tres Manos y Caruan

Escrito por el 17 mayo, 2017


Today «la Radio» will be presenting a show featuring MŪSE opening party with their residents, Caruan, Tres Manos.   CARUAN: Over 20 years of dj-ing and passion for music, from Old school origins in constant evolution and research of sound never predictable, THESE are the main features of his Musical roots, love for vinyl and that which distinguishes the image of Caruan. His DJ sets ranging tying sounds from Chicago house, funky disco, to Techno Detroit, this mix of various genres he gives an imprint to his performance .. TRES MANOS Tres Manos (aka Your Only Friend) has been diggin’ deep in the crates for the last 20 years. In that time, he has been involved in almost every aspect of the dance music and nightclub industry.  With various residencies and a fan base that doesn’t stop growing, he is a favorite in every city he plays. His exquisite selection of music has put him the DJ booths around the globe  

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