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Escrito por el 15 noviembre, 2016

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Rodri has been obsessed with music since an early age. 
He often took refuge in his homemade studio, experimenting on his first mixings, at a young age of 14. 
A year later, he was introduced to electronic music through attending and assisting at many underground House and Techno parties.

He was immediately captured by the sound and vibe of those events. 
When he was 16, he broke his piggy bank and bought his first professional equipment.

Like any teenager, Rodrigo finds his favourite artist. 
If there ever have been any posters of Richie Hawtin, Rodrigo would have had them..

Soon after, he starts playing in local clubs in Montevideo and Punta del Este.
He is determined to develop his individual sound, and grow his career as a DJ.
As he begins to define his own sound, he takes influences from Detroit’s atmospherics, Berlin’s clinical precision and Chicago’s raw energy.

He takes a leap and decides to leave behind his favourite vacio and moves to the land of most influential and respected DJs, Europe.
Starved of good beef, his appetite switches to fresh and never known to him before, House and Techno delicacies.

The next year he signs a contract as a resident dj at Surf Club in Andorra, one of the best clubs in the country. During his time there, he is playing on many Pioneer events which results in Rodrigo being sponsored by them.

Since leaving his maiden land, he has shared booth with artists such as: Jonas Kopp, Dorian Chavez, Caal Smile, Mar-T , Dj MURPHY, Nicolas Lutz, Philip Bader, Marcos in Dub, wAFF, Edu Imbernon, Odd Parents, UNER, Maceo Plex.

Rodrigo’s plans are big, stretching from organising festivals in his dear Andorra to ultimately buying a barn and turning it into a DC10 serious rival.
He seems to be on the right track, being known for butchering any party he plays at with his sharp Tech knife.


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