ESTE SÁBADO SOMOS IAW desde el BARTS transmitiendo desde las 23h

Escrito por el 12 mayo, 2016

IAW presents:

– La Radio from 23:00

As «we are» La Radio we will broadcast live from Barts and you will be connected from 23h till party will be on fire and souls will ask for more music to dance and vibrate. Rebelion de los CLaveles elctronic edition + all crew of

Como La Radio «Somos Nosotros» transmitiremos en vivo y en directo desde el Barts y podrán sintonizarnos desde las 23h hasta que la fiesta culmine y las almas sigan pidiendo sonidos para bailar y vibrar. Rebelión de los Claveles edición electrónica + todo el staff de 


– Dɘiv (IAW – Classic Artists&Events)

Born in 1982, began playing in his hometown, Vicenza, in 2002, basing his sound in the house mixed with funk and then reaching the more hidden places of techno and minimal. His sound more deep and sophisticated is now looking for the perfect line between groovy ‘n’ dubby typical of our days, with constant references to the past house techno and funk.
For about ten years he resides permanently in Barcelona , where over time he became one of the most popular underground DJs.

– Audri (Solo)

Audri is a true music lover. His passion for music started very young, when he was deeply influenced by the late 90’s music scene in Naples. He began playing records his home town, then moved to London before finally arriving in the perfect music environment, Berlin.

Audri’s respect for music meant that rather then jumping into the music scene prematurely, he decided to wait, honing his skills in music production, djing and record selection. His record bag and productions span the depths of House, Techno, Breaks, Electro, Experimental, Abstract and Minimal.

– Dj Tree (Slow Life)

DJ Tree’s humble beginnings as a «digger» began in the soulful section of Hip Hop, inspired from the music first heard on cassette tapes recoded live from the very famous AOL parties being held in Naples. His desire and fierce curiosity for music as a whole led him to shift his focus to the Balearic island of Ibiza, where here his palette expander further into the realms of Techno and House music at places such as DC10, with the island’s special energy, he was able to completely devote himself to this lifestyle and seriously explore the reality of making this his life.

It is now in Berlin where DJ Tree has firmly set a base for himself and his musical agenda. He is a founding member of the collective group know as Slow Life, consisting of fellow artists Laurine, Cecilio and Sergio Moreira.

* Electro Voice Sound System *

Price & Condition:

Door price 10 €

5 € until 00:00 on guest list

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