Jorge Gamarra EN INSTANTES en “Round Vinyl Sequence”

Escrito por el 6 mayo, 2016

Jorge Gamarra aka George is a Dj and producer born in Montevideo, Uruguay, based in Barcelona. His intimate relationship with music goes way back into his life (even if it’s listening to his father’s records, or playing various instruments and in ocasional bands), thereby influencing his selection and conceptual line. The new, the old, and the love for art and vinyl merge to create a dateless, versatile and, why not, eclectic atmosphere.

After a few years of growing in the culturally rich underground sceene of Uruguay, and playing with various figures of the local and international scene, he moves to Barcelona to continue with his carreer. Captivated by the sound of analog gear, and motivated by the need to express himself through music, he decides to go deep into production.

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