Hoy YUKI FUKUYAMA en Round Vinyl Sequence

Escrito por el 15 abril, 2016

Yuki Fukuyama (Ipsum Records / Introspection Recordings)

He started to listen minimal music at a local club in Osaka (Japan) called Rockets and he’s been heavily influenced by the parties of Fumiya Tanaka called CHAOS. After that he took up dj-ing as a vinyl DJ and played some place in Osaka. Since 2011 he has been living in Barcelona where he begun to release his tracks. Since then, he signed on the Italian Label Introspection Recordings with three organic minimal tracks and one remix by label owner Lorenzo Magnozzi. After he got to know Ipsum Record’s owner Mauro Calderón and joined his label’s VA. It was his first vinly release from the capital of Colombia, Bogotá.

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