MARTIN NOISE – DJ SET DE 18:00 A 20:00 HS (CET) 14:00 A 16:00 HS (ARG-UY)

Escrito por el 31 marzo, 2016

Martin Noise is a DJ / Producer of Buenos Aires dedicated to the research and experimentation of new sounds oriented to dance floor. He studied music production at Music School of Buenos Aires (EMBA)
He began his career as a producer of rock bands in partnership with drummer Federico Amante in their own recording, mixing and mastering studio: the FM Studio. There they conducted several productions, among them it stands out the EP of the rock band called Nebus in which Noise participated as artistic producer. In 2012 they decided to separate their creative society to undertake their own artistic paths, leaving as last work together the first EP of the Pop-Punk band Blackinside.

Later that year, Noise, decided to open his own production, mixing and mastering studio: the Electric Noise Studio, located in the City of Buenos Aires.
Then, he definitively joined Blackinside as a programmer battery and electronic sounds until the beginning of 2015 where they decided to separate.

After that he continued with his work on his own studio in different projects until the end of 2015.

In parallel to all of this, he launches his career as a DJ, in short time he achieved to perform at prestigious clubs of Argentina as Niceto Club, Shamrock basement, Palermo Golf Club, Blow and Mute in Mar del Plata and he played in best parties of the underground scene like Undertones, WASP, Bordeline, Housekeepers just to name a few.

Now a days, Noise live in Barcelona (Spain) and leads Playground Records with Kunde and Moses. Also He has been working as a mastering engineer since 2013 for the internationals techno labels Difusse Reality and Kidnapping.

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